Isolation Cable Fly

If you want to sculpt your chest, isolation cable flys should be part of your workout routine. Because this exercise will only work your chest, you will be able to achieve noticeable results in less time.

How Do You Do a Set of Isolation Cable Flys?

Going through the correct setup steps will ensure you are able to get the most out of doing isolation cable flys. Begin by attaching a standard handle to the cable at the top of each side of a crossover machine. Next, choose the amount of weight on each side of the machine that you're going to use. For your first time, simply use a light amount of weight. The reason is so you can get used to doing this exercise with good form. Once you're comfortable doing cable flys, you can increase the weight to an amount that will fully challenge you. If you're not sure how to choose this amount of weight, it should allow you to complete two sets of 8 reps, but not finish every rep of your last set. After you select the amount of weight you're going to use, move to the middle of the crossover machine. When reach up and grab the handles, you will want to slightly pull down the cables while still keeping your arms fully extended.

When you're ready to start, begin pulling the cables down. The key to properly isolating your chest muscles is to keep your arms straight as you pull the cables down. It's also important to use a controlled speed as you pull the cables. If you yank them down as quickly as possible, you're going to lessen the effectiveness of this exercise. By steadily pulling the cables down until they meet in front of your body, you can ensure that your chest is doing all the work. You should do the same thing as you let the cables return to their starting position. Many people forget that one of the big benefits of this exercise is the ability to work your chest as the cables move in both directions.

How Often Should You Do Isolation Cable Flys?

In addition to ensuring that you get the most out of every set of flys that you do, it's important to know how often to do this exercise. It's easy to assume that the answer to that question is to do flys as often as possible. To the surprise of many, taking this approach will actually hold back your results. The reason it's not a good idea to do isolation flys or any type of chest exercise more than twice a week is because in order to get stronger and more defined, your pectoral muscles need time to recover after a workout. If you exert them day after day, you won't see any improvement. By varying the exercises you do and allowing your muscle groups to rest, you can ensure you are able to reach your fitness goals as quickly as possible.




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Isolation Cable Fly