Cable Fly Stretches

Muscle growth occurs when you stretch and work a muscle to the point where it breaks down. Because this event causes your body to respond with a defense mechanism, as the muscle recovers, your body will rebuild it larger than before. If you want to have this kind of effect on your chest, cable fly stretches are an excellent option.

How to Do Standing Cable Fly Stretches

Exercises like bench pressing can help you build a bigger chest. However, there are two main issues with this kind of exercise. The first is that in addition to using your pectoral muscles, bench pressing and similar exercises require you to also use other muscles. This decreases the impact these exercises have on your chest. The other issue is because you have to be concerned about dropping the weight, it can be difficult to fully exert your chest. Most people place the bar back on its rack before they have fully exhausted their pec muscles. You won't have either of these problems when you do cable flys. This exercise fully isolates your chest muscles, while its stretching motion ensures you are able to work them to full exhaustion.

To prepare for a set of cable fly stretches, begin by attaching handles to both sides of the top of a crossover machine. Once you pick the amount of weight you're going to use, stand in the middle of the machine and grab both of the handles. With your arms fully extended, begin bringing the cables downwards. As you do, make sure your arms remain straight and your chest does all the work. Bring the cables down until they meet in front of your chest, then slowly raise them back to their starting position. You'll notice that you're able to work your chest just as hard on the way back up as you are on the way down.

How to Do Lying Cable Fly Stretches

If you're wondering whether you should do this type of cable fly stretches or the standing variation, the answer is you should do both. Because each exercise works your chest in a different way, they complement each other very well. There are two key differences between this exercise and standing cable fly stretches. The first is that the cables are positioned at the bottom of the machine for this exercise instead of the top. The other key difference is while you will still be in the middle of the machine, you will be lying on a bench as you do this exercise instead of standing. Once you have the bench in place, you can grip the cables and lie back. You can either begin this exercise with the cables in the air over you or at your sides in a position that's parallel to your shoulders. As you bring the cables up and down, you will want to focus on feeling your chest stretching. If you do this exercise and standing cable fly stretches on a consistent basis, you will see a noticeable improvement to your chest.




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Cable Fly Stretches