Cable Fly Extensions

While many people automatically think of the standing variation when they hear someone talking about cables flys, this is only one of several types of flys that can be done. The reason there are quite a few different ways to do flys is because they can be done with various extensions that include a:

Simple Handle

There are multiple ways to do cable exercises with a simple handle extension. If you want to work your biceps, you can work each bicep individually by using a single handle to do cable curls. If you're interested in working your chest, you can do downward, upward or lying upward flys. For downward and upward flys, the exercises are performed by attaching a handle to each end of a crossover machine. If you're doing downward flys, the handles are attached at the top of the machine. For upward flys, you'll attach the handles at the bottom of the machine. Once you stand in the middle of the machine and grab the handles with straight arms, you'll begin pulling them forward. Regardless of which variation you're doing, you will want to keep your arms straight as you pull the cables. Once the cables meet in front of your body, you will want to slowly let them back to their starting position. Using a controlled movement as you let the cables back will ensure you are able to fully exert your chest muscles.

If you use a handle to do lying upward flys, you will attach the handles to the bottom of a crossover machine. However, instead of standing in the middle of the machine, you will place a bench in the middle of it and lie back on the bench. You will then pull the cables up into the air above you. One key to keep in mind for this exercise is when you let the cables back down, there's no reason to go below your shoulders.

Cable Rope

This cable extension can be used to work your triceps, biceps or back. If you want to work your triceps, you can do so by using the rope to do pushdowns. For your biceps, attach the rope to the bottom of a crossover machine and do curls. To work your back, you will also attach this extension at the bottom. You can then sit down and use the rope to do cable rows.

Cable Bar

A cable bar can be used to do the same three exercises as a cable rope. If you're wondering which extension is better, the answer is you should use both of them. The more variety you include in your workouts, the better results you'll be able to achieve.

Triangle Bar

This cable extension can be used to work your upper back. Depending on the type of cable machine that you're using, you may also be able to use this extension to work your lats. With either exercise, make sure the only part of your body you're moving is the muscle group you want to work.




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Cable Fly Extensions